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Worthless "prizes" in addition to the ridiculously short amount of time within which they must be used equals "no thanks".

I do not like the new format. Even though I was never going to win, playing the game was more fun. Also Baskin robbins at the end of October is not really useful.

Crappy prizes. TMobile is partnering with vendors to promote their products and forcing users to subscribe in the name of crappy useless prizes. Be sure you will only be hooked to their usual promoters stuff and never for the biggest. Donno if anyone ever won the biggest prize .

The app is really great but the prizes are really crappy you can see ahead of time what your going to get it's no different week to week yea you get to play a fun 1min game but for what? You never see who won the biggest prize or any prizes so it's kind of skeptical but get the app try it out for yourself see what happens!

On today I spinned the wheel for T-Mobile tuesday and it landed on the 5k vacation and then moved to the ebook so I decided to screen shot today and I'm started not to like it because I feel like it's a scam

The people who are complaining are just entitled. This app is amazing.

T-Mobile Tuesday is getting more and suckier. It was cool at first, but now all the gifts are straight dumb or useless. I am 25 years old, why would I want subscriptions to magazines no one likes or $5 towards Chuckee Cheese. I don't look forward to it anymore and actually dread opening the app up because I know it is a waste of my time for a sucky gift. Either start giving good gifts again or just knock it off already.

T-Mobile Tuesdays sucks, the gifts are getting either difficult, un redeemable, stupid subscriptions, nothing of value, not happy, before when they had one code to give away nobody was able to share that code for a free movie, you guys need to improved, this is becoming just a joke.

They use to be great but now I realize some of the bigger gifts they never award to you just the less valuable ones which I feel should be equal opportunity for all customers

It use to be great. But anymore there is nothing of value. At the beginning there were always free movie rentals or discounts of lyft. Now just seems to be digital subscriptions to unknown magazines and discounts on obsure products or services. Sad to say I rarely check it anymore...always a disappointment.

I haven't received anything that is free rather more like discounts to things I don't want or need. I personally wouldn't mind winning more coupons to fast food places.

T-mobile Tuesdays were great with at least a guaranteed movie to watch once a week but now I am finding nothing else to use that is free. Even yesterday you had a $12.00 credit to grommet.com but had to pay shipping to get it. Come on T-Mobile at least give everyone something we can ALL use, it's the hollidays.

Ungrateful people

You broke as**s stop complaining about free stuff. It’s FREE.

All gone

Most of the time your supplies of items are very limited in quantities. By the time I get off work, whatever you’re offering, it’s gone. Customers should be able to reserve for pickup.(maybe).

Why I Love Tuesdays !!!

T-mobile makes Tuesday’s worth waking up for.

Poor deals, too noisy

Deals aren't too exciting. And if you're going to badge the app icon, make sure it's important. Spoiler: having an unclaimed crappy deal is not important. App deleted.

T-mobile Tuesday’s

I love, love all the free stuff we great never stop this... The free movie rentals and stuff love it...


I love the T-Mobile bag I got it really good

It’s good

I like the free thank you s 😁

IPhone X

How about you take 5 minutes to push an update to fit the proper resolution of the actual phones you sell.


I enjoy all of the new perks we receive every week! T-Mobile Rocks!

Never know

I did win a 1 share of stock one time. Cashed out immediately to see if legit. Can’t complain

Every tuesday, tmo thanks us with trash

What happened to the free meals, free movie tickets, free gas discounts? Well, no more of that, tmo cant thank all their customers with nice things. I dont know who is to blame... the app used to be amazing, something to look forward to. Now i can only 1 star rate the app in hopes they will rethink how they thank their supporters. So im Sending the message! I am disappointed, i demand change!

Good discounts

I’d give it a 4 star out of 5 because some of the offers are eh and the chance of winning is tough... I don’t understand how to play some of these games to see if winner

Good program. Short timeframes

It has a lot of good stuff. If your not a single mom or student, they leave no time to claim your prizes. Us adults arent available every tuesday to claim prizes. The redeemed prizes expire too short for the average adult to use.

Inconsistency with expiration dates

This app is great and I appreciate the free stuff, but too often we lose out on deals we’ve claimed because of unclear and inconsistent expiration dates. The dates are in fine print, but they are often at 5am the next day or change from week to week even for the same deal. I looked to my phone this morning to find my free VUDU movie only to find it had expired.

Thank you tho

Thank you for free things but y’all need to upgrade!!! What am I suppose to do with 20% off a hotel room??? Really 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s changed for the worse

Still a great app it’s just downgraded a lot! I miss the old T-Mobile Tuesday’s !

Absence In Pin Code

I just downloaded the T-Mobile Tuesdays app onto my iPhone 7 Plus and I just entered my cell phone number from getting onto the login page to create an account. Then, when it came to receiving my pin code afterwards, the app said it had sent me a four-digit pin code. In actuality, I never received my pin even after I reset my phone and the app. I made many attempts at various times of the day and still didn’t receive a pin. That is an issue that must be addressed. I am beginning to not think that there is an inconvenience in getting a pin for the app due to that many people are trying to get one at once. Hence, there is nothing much I can do.

T-Mobile is the best.

I don’t know why people complain about the freebies. T-Mobile doesn’t HAVE to give away anything. I love the free movies from VUDU the best, but even if there’s nothing I will use I appreciate the generosity just the same.


Today when I went into my t-mobile store for a free bag, and just like the last time for the umbrella .... “I am sorry, we just gave the last one 20 mins ago”. How many do they send to the store ... 2 ?!?! If they aren’t going to have enough stuff to go around, why even bother. I waste my precious time go to the store only find they given away the 2 they got. 🤬🤬🤬 If I could, they would’ve gotten zero stars!

Reusable bags.

My first time to claimed free stuff. It’s Tuesday at 3pm and they’re out. My app congratulate me for that. I didn’t even redeem it. Nice, very nice. You owe me one.

Free app for free gifts? No way!

I’ve been a loyal T-mobile customer since they announced free international data. Imagine how excited I was when I found out they would be giving me free gifts every Tuesday. I have four lines and can honestly say the gifts I’ve used have been worth at least one free month of service. Thanks T-mobile.

T mobile Tuesdays

I think the free movie rentals are great and discounts to the movies are awesome. Yeah some of the freebies are not great but quit chaprice complaining. I enjoy seeing what I get every week.


Whatever T-Mobile is spending to maintain this app is being passed along to me and the other subscribers. I doubt a $1 discount on coffee makes up for it. I’d award this nonsense zero stars, if I could.

Promotions 👎

They really star with good deals, but now every Tuesday is getting badly 😖

Let's be realistic

In a time of companies taking & sharing + selling user data with no transparency about how it is used or truly by who TRUTHFULLY T-Mobile Tuesdays is hardly "free" actually every participant that is involved with the product profits off our use of what is being given out. More so all the companies involved then we the customers. In fairness the T-Mobile swag and marketing give outs like umbrellas or hats sunglasses and t-shirts are great and welcome and when the app first started was a much better ratio customer win vs corporate companies win which is almost 100% now everything corporate winning. Several things are just like hmmm guess they've given up or the offers are the same as what can be found on many company's own websites as giveaways or just a simple email or tweet can get you the same or even better offers. Sooo now days you have think how much is your user data worth and what value you put on that and if the trade off is really worth it. T-Mobile helped drive down cellular cost and upend many things that were wrong in wireless but as they've grown they are sadly losing some of that edge that brought all the masses. We'll see this next year how John and the T-Mobile gang have a real balance between customer and corporate and selling the customer down the river for greater profits and bigger bonuses or continuing be the uncarier. Best thing happen in 2017 was Sprint saying no.

Worst prizes. Used to be better

Needs new prizes.

T-Mobile Tuesday

When are you going to give away something meaningful like T-Mobile umbrellas or something related to cell phones? E.G a case or a support ring.

I can’t update

I can’t update the app and the website wants me to do all this extra stuff just to log in. Here’s 1 star for pissing me off.

These days offers are not useful to redeem good

These days offers are not useful to redeem good


Tuesday’s are fun to look forward to and easy to tell people about!

Get your stuff together!

When providing a redemption code, PROVIDE IT! Don’t send us to a Facebook login page and never give us the code. The VUDU code should send us to the VUDU page, not Facebook!!!

Waste of time

Nothing about this app caters to my needs. So it’s garbage and deleted. Don’t be fooled by this gimmick app. Ready to change my cell service.

Thank You

I love this app. Discounts on gas & free movies awesome!!


It freezes and crashes, I can’t click on anything, keeps telling me I need an update but there is no update. Erasing it because it does nothing


Love your TMOBILE Tuesdays!! Keep calm and carry on !!!

I love it

I’m looking forward every Tuesday

Raymond Driggers enjoyed this MLB promotion


Review grl

It has its days where its great but some places arent even near my location so i find them to be a waste. Something like dunkin is good becauae there are dunkins everywhere

Best app by T-Mobile but....

Prizes were better the first few weeks after this launched, the only good ones in my opinion are the shell gas discounts, movie rentals ( preferably Vudu) and hotel discounts. The rest are ok. I would really like if they added discounts to services like Spotify, Apple Music, Hulu, etc. Amazon music is good but not good enough. Discounts to Starbucks, Pizza Hut and other coupons will be great as well. I know that this isn’t something that you all are required to do, and you are doing it just because you want to, but you know, just a few suggestions.

Are 0 stars not allowed?

Im don’t care for writing reviews but this app is unacceptable... won’t open, freezes on pink screen, and honestly actually of makes me question why T-Mobile is my service provider just a little bit . The app only worked long enough for me to see ONE offer for free Panda Express and even then when I clicked on it... the app wouldn’t respond. After deleting and re downloading several times I’ve decided to just give up. Thanks T-Mobile , I hope you guys get this fixed.

Movie Tickets?

Got an email today that said I would get $5 off any movie ticket for this week if I download this app. Downloaded the app, and looked for my $5 movie ticket coupon. I clicked on offers and said it was empty. I clicked on expired coupons, and it turns out that I missed out. Granted, the app is called T-Mobile Tuesdays, but I’d never heard of it and had no idea how it worked. I got the email for the movie ticket today, which is a Wednesday, so I figured the offer would still be valid. Again, never heard of this until today, but I was sent an email for this particular offer on a Wednesday, so I thought I could redeem it. Don’t understand why I would receive an email for an expired offer. I guess just another strike against T-Mobile.

Notifications don't work?

I keep missing deals because app doesn't notify each week about new deals. It used to work and yes my notificationsare turned on for the app. What's wrong?

T Mobile Tuesdays Rock

I love T Mobile Tuesdays! In addition to the great freebies, it’s exciting to login on Wednesday’s to get a preview for next weeks freebies. It’s definitely worth the time to get the app and participate.

Got to have it

I love this app

Hate it

It’s pointless now ......


No reason to download really. It’s just coupons on stuff, trying to get you to spend more money and you never actually win anything anyway. It’s more of a disappointment than something fun. Save yourself some time in your life and space on your phone.

Every week at least free 2 bucks add up

On each line we get free stuff worth at least 2 bucks almost every week and this is stuff which we normally use or free movies to make mundane life a bit interesting ! Who does not like free unexpected stuff .

Doesn’t work on Tuesday

It never works in Tuesday’s!!! So annoying. It just stays pink and then shuts down. Can you ever fix this problem ?!

Waste of time

This app began strong and was a welcomed benefit to its customers. Now it’s an insult to its customers and a total waste of time.

Rock’n Tuesday’s

T-mobile Tuesday absolutely rocks! They always have something I want or need and always have a good balance of fun to interesting and finally to practical. I love my T-Mobile Tuesday!!! Thank you so much! Keep it coming because y’all Rock it yeah!!!!

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