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I do not like the new format. Even though I was never going to win, playing the game was more fun. Also Baskin robbins at the end of October is not really useful.

Crappy prizes. TMobile is partnering with vendors to promote their products and forcing users to subscribe in the name of crappy useless prizes. Be sure you will only be hooked to their usual promoters stuff and never for the biggest. Donno if anyone ever won the biggest prize .

The app is really great but the prizes are really crappy you can see ahead of time what your going to get it's no different week to week yea you get to play a fun 1min game but for what? You never see who won the biggest prize or any prizes so it's kind of skeptical but get the app try it out for yourself see what happens!

On today I spinned the wheel for T-Mobile tuesday and it landed on the 5k vacation and then moved to the ebook so I decided to screen shot today and I'm started not to like it because I feel like it's a scam

The people who are complaining are just entitled. This app is amazing.

T-Mobile Tuesday is getting more and suckier. It was cool at first, but now all the gifts are straight dumb or useless. I am 25 years old, why would I want subscriptions to magazines no one likes or $5 towards Chuckee Cheese. I don't look forward to it anymore and actually dread opening the app up because I know it is a waste of my time for a sucky gift. Either start giving good gifts again or just knock it off already.

T-Mobile Tuesdays sucks, the gifts are getting either difficult, un redeemable, stupid subscriptions, nothing of value, not happy, before when they had one code to give away nobody was able to share that code for a free movie, you guys need to improved, this is becoming just a joke.

They use to be great but now I realize some of the bigger gifts they never award to you just the less valuable ones which I feel should be equal opportunity for all customers

It use to be great. But anymore there is nothing of value. At the beginning there were always free movie rentals or discounts of lyft. Now just seems to be digital subscriptions to unknown magazines and discounts on obsure products or services. Sad to say I rarely check it anymore...always a disappointment.

I haven't received anything that is free rather more like discounts to things I don't want or need. I personally wouldn't mind winning more coupons to fast food places.

T-mobile Tuesdays were great with at least a guaranteed movie to watch once a week but now I am finding nothing else to use that is free. Even yesterday you had a $12.00 credit to grommet.com but had to pay shipping to get it. Come on T-Mobile at least give everyone something we can ALL use, it's the hollidays.

Free stuff, more like free coupons you can find anywhere

Over the last year their free stuff went from really good and useful to pushing out coupons to never heard of before places.

Appreciate the perks

The free stuff is awesome! Every Tuesday I look forward to reviewing what’s available for FREE courtesy of T-Mobile. Thanks for my trucker hat, my scarf, my free movie tickets, my free restaurant certificates etc.


This app is one of those things that you don't actually like but if you don't use it, you feel like you're missing out on something. I've gotten a few free things in the past which have been nice, but it's all gone downhill hard.

Overall good Freebies or Discounts

I'd give it another star if it wasn't for the RedBox promo always malfunctioning and sometimes other company's codes too.

Getting free stuff is great. App is klutzy

Getting any free stuff is great and only an ingrate would complain about that! The app is needlessly confusing and constantly updates. But still worth installing.

Nothing special

Nothing special here. Most things are not usable or work in your time frame or you don’t really care for. Some things seem to be a bit more of a scam to lead you into signing up for things or making purchases. Most of the time I’m disappointed with the offer and don’t bother even checking. It was cool when it first started then realized it was more of a hassle.

Missed the good stuff; seems a bother

I’ll try it once again. The “free” things that require a registration involving a credit card are not free indeed. That’s all I’ve seen for several times checking. When I selected a free thing, a window popped up requiring a registration that did not complete without a credit card entry. I don’t do that. No thanks. I shall reinstall and wait for a few more Tuesdays then provide another review, maybe better.

Cannot update

The app wont let me update been trying to hours.

It’s soso

I used to really like the app but then the app needs an update every week so when you’re going to use the app on Tuesday you can’t because you have to use it. Also the prizes they offer aren’t that good 👎🏼.

Blank screen...

An automatic update and t-mobile “come hither” email have not solved the problems of this app. Still getting a blank pink screen. Could even attempt to bake a soufflé and still not see anything come up. Think I’ll dump it.

Love the complimentary stuff

Thanks T Mobile for the extra treats.. So far it’s been easy to access.. if not,no Worries, I’ll try next time, Its fun seeing what is next from week to week!

Constant updates

This app literally updates every 3 days or so and you can’t open it till you update it

Updates messed it up

I haven’t been able to access the app properly for a while now; around 3 months now. It just crashes or remains on the loading screen. I have only been able to use the app maybe 3 times. They didn’t have to fix what wasn’t broken before.

Not really free stuff

Same coupons you can get from most of these companies. A lot of initial offers to get you to sign up for other services. It’s an ad platform not really a t mobile benefit. Only used a couple things in months.

T-Mobile Tuesday is awesome!!!

How great it is to be a loyal T-Mobile customer. Every week I get to choose between several great free offers. T-Mobile Tuesday is awesome!

Constant updates

Why do we need to update the app every few weeks ?? Such an inconvenience


I mean, everything is free so even if you don’t get anything, there is no loss. Not really a reason to complain.

Love t-Mobile Tuesday’s

Love T-Mobile and what it offers with having T-Mobile Tuesday’s.


I haven’t one in about 6 weeks not including the free holiday stuff...... soooooo please fix that so I don’t keep seeing the, sorry better luck next time screen or whatever it says.

The best!

I absolutely love this app! Savings for just being a T-Mobile customer it couldn’t get any easier. On Tuesdays open the app and get the free stuff available. I love it 😍


Y’all let the reviews section turn into Facebook lol the app is good or bad is all you have to put I think it’s great other than having to update it every Tuesday...

Fun FREE Stuff

Not always stuff I can use but the Shell gas discount alone makes it worth downloading. Not like the other items are hounding me to make a purchase. You won’t see me complaining about FREE stuff. Seriously. App is easy to use. Has plenty of good explanations on how to redeem stuff you want. Thanks TMobile! You turned my Terrible Tuesday into Terrific Tuesday!

Update update update

You have to update the app like every two weeks just to see what they’ve got ..

iOS 11 Update

I’m not sure if it’s correlation or just causation, but after updating my phone the T-Mobile Tuesday app has only opened to a constant loading screen. I can’t seem to interact with any of the menu buttons and closing it doesn’t help, nor does turning off my phone. Unclear if it’s just my phone or a shared issue, but either way, this app no longer functions for me. JAN 14 UPDATE: tried downloading the app again. Still won’t let me get past the loading screen. I enjoyed this app while it functioned. Still 0/5 for me.

Love it

As a new T Mobile customer who switched from being an under appreciated AT&T customer over the past decade, I love the thought of anyone offering anything to their customers for free these days!!! So glad I switched.

Offers gone

Offers are removed at midnight, not 5am like the expiration says.

Free App, Free Items

Glad to be with TMobile! Who is giving away freebies like them?

Please update app for iPhone X

App is perfect. Just needs iPhone X support.

Bad “prizes”

I haven’t been able to use a single prize from this app. It mainly gives out pointless and unusable prizes like hotel discounts only for specific hotels and free magazine subscriptions. I’ll be deleting this after posting this review.

It’s free

It’s free so if your getting mad at this you have no heart because t mobile is giving us free stuff

Was good but doesn't support iPhone X

It works fairly well overall. Wish they would update to support iPhone X. It's all sorts of weird looking on my phone.



Love it

Great app love it

The app is more functional, but for what?

The app works much better than it used to. No more needless, battery draining games that blow out your speaker when it’s on silent. That’s why it gets its second star. T mobile Tuesday has shifted from being a reward program or a “thank you” to customers to just being a coupon ad book. It is just a mechanism to drive business to t mobile partners. Where are the free movies? Where is the pizza? Free popcorn at least? What about subway? Why is it all just $10 coupons for businesses that don’t have anything for less than $10? I am disappointed. It’s lost it’s soul and is close to losing its space on my phone.

Awesome App

I love T-Mobile Tuesdays I have some awesome perk to look up to every week! Thank you all, Jackie Kaufman

Easy use Great Ap and Company

Easy start up and use to retrieve reward offers. I love the Ap & T-Mobile.


it good

App crashes

Have used the app for 2 Tuesday's so far and both weeks the app crashes when I play the game at the bottom... the feee things usually have string attached also. Not really any benefits to having this app.

Reward notifications should disappear wants rewards are viewed not claimed

I can’t stand when my apps have red notification numbers posted on the home screen. It is near impossible to get rid of these notifications each week unless I either delete the app or spend an hour claiming each individual post. Please correct this and I will be satisfied with the app.

I like this App!!

I truly love all the free stuff I get on Tuesdays and the app is great!!

Free stuff from grandmom’s basement

I should appreciate 50% off at an obscure hotel website and the Bally’s fitness coupons, but I just can’t. I’d rather a small chance at an interesting prize.

T Mobile Tuesday’s 👏🏻👏🏻❤️

I LOVE T-Mobile Tuesday’s because it shows thanks for being a customer. I have never been with a cell company that showed so much thanks! All the cool stuff we get every week is awesome! Coffee, pizza, gas, movies, movie tickets!!! And more. I love t mobile❤️ thanks guys

The best

The best company ever

They took away the thrill of Tuesday’s.

Now it’s just a coupon book on a T-Mobile app. It wasn’t a great bunch of “free” stuff to begin with... every now and again a free movie... overall = meh.

Why the audio?

Please remove the audio when launching the app, it interrupts other apps playing music!!


Idk if it’s just me but eveytime I go on the app the screen is black and the only thing I can see is control penal at the bottom and the banner at the top and it won’t let me click anything.

Nice. If it worked.

Been trying to log in for 8 hours. All I get is server errors and "errors parsing request" errors. Worst of all, I'm logging in via T-Mobile’s network! Oct 10, and the latest update broke the App again. Spinning gear and nothing more. Oct 20, new update, new spinning gear. App still does not work. iPhone 7+, current iOS. December 15th, and the App finally works again. Two months to get an App running on an absolutely standard iPhone? That’ll earn two stars (up from one). Welp... January 1 and the App quit working. Again. All I see is a spinning gear that lasts as long as the App is running. One star.

Cool App!

This app is actually pretty cool! I wish you guys would bring back the Lyft coupons.

More for advertising than consumers

$50 off a hotel on hotelstorm only included a few hotels. It was just a gimmick to get you to the site. I checked the fine print no where did it say you could only use it for certain hotels. Not to mention I went to the site on the web and it doesn’t even show all the hotel options. So not only am I done with this app but I’m going to bad mouth this hotel storm to everyone I can. It’s a cheap website and I would never have visited otherwise. Better deals elsewhere. I’d buy a hotel for someone else as never stay there vs using this site EVER. Trash advertising.

Great App! Free Stuff!

This is a great app. One problem I've had is that I don't have enough time to use stuff, otherwise it's good enough for free stuff. For a month there were $2 Dunkin gc and I took it from my phone, my sisters and parents phones so I got over $20 worth of dd!

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