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I enjoy T-Mobile Tuesday's! So what if you have to pay a little out of your pocket. So far I've gotten a free year of Oprah Magazine, free donut at Dunkin Donuts, Shell gas at a 25 cent discount up to 20 gallons, $2 off my favorite Lemon Custard at Baskin Robbins. These are all items I purchase anyway so I'm enjoying it!

Worthless "prizes" in addition to the ridiculously short amount of time within which they must be used equals "no thanks".

I do not like the new format. Even though I was never going to win, playing the game was more fun. Also Baskin robbins at the end of October is not really useful.

Crappy prizes. TMobile is partnering with vendors to promote their products and forcing users to subscribe in the name of crappy useless prizes. Be sure you will only be hooked to their usual promoters stuff and never for the biggest. Donno if anyone ever won the biggest prize .

The app is really great but the prizes are really crappy you can see ahead of time what your going to get it's no different week to week yea you get to play a fun 1min game but for what? You never see who won the biggest prize or any prizes so it's kind of skeptical but get the app try it out for yourself see what happens!

On today I spinned the wheel for T-Mobile tuesday and it landed on the 5k vacation and then moved to the ebook so I decided to screen shot today and I'm started not to like it because I feel like it's a scam

The people who are complaining are just entitled. This app is amazing.

T-Mobile Tuesday is getting more and suckier. It was cool at first, but now all the gifts are straight dumb or useless. I am 25 years old, why would I want subscriptions to magazines no one likes or $5 towards Chuckee Cheese. I don't look forward to it anymore and actually dread opening the app up because I know it is a waste of my time for a sucky gift. Either start giving good gifts again or just knock it off already.

T-Mobile Tuesdays sucks, the gifts are getting either difficult, un redeemable, stupid subscriptions, nothing of value, not happy, before when they had one code to give away nobody was able to share that code for a free movie, you guys need to improved, this is becoming just a joke.

They use to be great but now I realize some of the bigger gifts they never award to you just the less valuable ones which I feel should be equal opportunity for all customers

It use to be great. But anymore there is nothing of value. At the beginning there were always free movie rentals or discounts of lyft. Now just seems to be digital subscriptions to unknown magazines and discounts on obsure products or services. Sad to say I rarely check it anymore...always a disappointment.

I haven't received anything that is free rather more like discounts to things I don't want or need. I personally wouldn't mind winning more coupons to fast food places.

T-mobile Tuesdays were great with at least a guaranteed movie to watch once a week but now I am finding nothing else to use that is free. Even yesterday you had a $12.00 credit to grommet.com but had to pay shipping to get it. Come on T-Mobile at least give everyone something we can ALL use, it's the hollidays.

It’s okay.

The app is just the same. Nothing new and most of the redeems are the same, boring and the giveaways are practically unfair. Wouldn’t really recommend downloading the app.

Still quiets my music

At least it doesn’t interrupt it? Whenever I open the app while listening to music, it quiets it until I leave the app. WHY ON EARTH THIS APP NEEDS ANY USE OF AUDIO WHATSOEVER IS MIND-BOGGLING. STOP IT, JUST STOP!!


I am disappointed that the original T.T went from offering something to trying to get something from you like marketing publicity. SHAME. You downgraded from the original ideal idea instead of upgrading and making it better and more offering. I don’t even use the app anymore. Make it better and txt me will be waiting.

Not what you think ! - stupid offers only that make them money

Nothing worth it They give you a Redbox disc trial ? What about pizza What about free Starbucks coffee ?

T-Mobile Tuesday

I hate this app not interested anymore

Good for Dunkin’ donut gift cards but

Never won anything although I had the app from day 1. The only thing good is the $2 gift card you get for dunkin donuts, other than that total waste of time.

It slowly declines

It is an iffy app. I mean it used to be super cool but has slowly declined. Who can complain about free stuff I know, but I will say they advertise it to be a lot cooler than it usually is

Not worth it.

Literally not even worth downloading anymore. Unless you want $2 for Dunkin Donuts every blue moon


It’s definitely not what it use to be. The deals and discounts have lessened over time and I hate everything is on the front page now

Use to be decent

I appreciate Tmobile’s way of giving its customer their thanks by way of this app, but I must say that compared to how thanks started it’s basically been reduced to getting discounts and a movie rental. I enjoy watching movies as much as the next person but I feel like this has become a discount app that I don’t use and I’ll just end up deleting. I hope it gets better, if not I’ll just delete it altogether I’ve basically stopped participating.

Hotelstorm.com Offer

If you visit the website before clicking redeem on this app, there are many other options and the options that are available are the same prices as the ones on the app after the “discount.” Without the discount, they are priced higher. In conclusion, their “discounted offer” isn’t really an offer - more towards used for advertisement. Tsk tsk T-Mobile Tuesday’s.

Thing of the past

This app is literally a waste of space. The price for service is okay though.

Love it

I love this app makes T-Mobile Tuesday so fun and engaging. Thank You...

T-Mobile is awesom

Dunkin’ Donuts should come more often! But it’s so great :)

Horrible now

It used to be good, but now the prizes or very lame

Stop with the coupons

Need more Vudu/Redbox and less coupons.

I can’t figure this out

I don’t know how to spin the will like the pic says. I just got the app and I can find the place to spin it.. and it’s Tuesday!!


This app unfortunately has got worse. I use to look forward to playing games and actually feeling like there was something i could use or a chance to win. Unfortunately that is not the case anymore. Its literally just an app. Nothing more. DO BETTER!!!

Would be very nice

To go back the way it use to be, by what I’m reading. I never knew anything until Tmobile started withdrawing monthly payment, that there is an app that Tmobile is offering freebies. But by the way people a reviewing Tmobile app they should go back the way it was, sound so kool and your getting back your money’s worth. But yes it would be very nice where they offer movies tickets , pizza, ext Well I hope we can make a difference an be heard.!


In today’s world with everything rising in prices, it’s good to know our everyday pleasures like our cell phones, just happens to rewards us for using their products and everyone knows anything free makes everyone happy thank you TMobile!!!!

What’s the point???

What’s the point of getting a free VUDU movie to rent, if the rental starts off at $5.99 for a new release and they only give you a $5.50 credit. Most of the movies they offer under &5.50 are older or they’ve already been seen. If you’re going to reward your customers with a free movie at least give them enough money in their credits to see it. Most people are going to want to see a newer release as their free movie. If you have to make up the difference, then it’s not free is it? SMH

I love the fundamental idea of this application!

Staff and customers are every businesses priority and a thank you always boosts morale on both sides. I haven’t used the app in a while because I stopped seeing as many occurrences of collectibles. Discounts and offers are appreciated and convenient, but I prefer more boutique/gift rewards. The community for collectors is broad, especially coming from a culture of achievements, awards, and legacy items. Earning those limited release exclusives is very satisfying.


It always some surprises for my crew ..we have 12 line with Tmobill..and they have fun what is going to be on next week ..but the problem we had is we have to drive to at least 2 store up to get the stuff from Tmobill ...because the word we got from them is they run out ..sometime is only noon time ..like t-mobile reused able bag ...we cannot get it ...I call the customer service they said if they out mean they out ..so why like that ...they should have better calculate what people in that area used weekly ..because I have to drive to 2-3 different store and finally we not getting it ...out of 12 bag that we should we only received 3 bag ...just sample ...For the good way it make people fun and have they good day ..we good good price for ice cream ...it work ...

Gotten awful since initial release

You are pretty much going to receive a coupon for Dunkin Donuts or get some $.01 off at Shell gas station. Possibly get a free dvd rental at redbox or sign up and subscribe to vudu to watch a movie once..... It’s always exciting to see to play an actual game only to have it never load and then say you’ve taken your chance to play and you are never allowed to reload or actually try playing the game. It’s either break the brick wall or spin the wheel and usually what you “ win” is actually already a coupon waiting for you to redeem. If you get free T-Mobile merch. you have to go to a T-Mobile store and pray they actually have the merch. Too many times have I gone into T-Mobile only to find out they never had it or it just won’t work for my particular phone. But hey since your here why don’t you sign up and get a new phone, again since you were just here last week! It’s a gimmick and I am thinking of actually dumping the app since it really hasn’t given me much but $.01’s off of gas at Shell.


It used to be awesome but the gifts they give away are pretty lame. Everything is usually free stuff that you need to buy more to enjoy the freebie or it’s just something lame. Idk it was best at first but now it’s just dull.

T-Mobile Tuesdays is not worth the update!

No I don’t want to update the T-Mobile Tuesday app! For what the app is now garbage, it’s now a second hand Groupon app! I hate free items that I have to pay for!

Free stuff

You get free stuff

App has went down

This app used to be really good. Had at least one really good offer every Tuesday but now there isn’t really anything you can use. Mainly has turned into a coupon app. Really disappointed!

Thanku t mobile

It’s so nice experience with t mobile Tuesday treat ... we are enjoying every gift you giving us .. pls continue as always don’t stop 😜😜😜thanks by heart ❤️

Not what it used to be

I used to look forward to using this app every Tuesday, but now the giveaways are disappointing and barely usable

Used to be so good 😞

T-Mobile Tuesdays used to be something I’d look forward to. A couple dollars at Dunkin, 25¢/gallon off at Shell, the chance to win something even cooler... all stuff that used to be a cool little “thank you” for the customers. Unfortunately, it seems T-Mobile is losing touch with their customer first mentality that positioned them as an industry leader.


T-Mobile Tuesday’s use to have really good freebies now it’s nothing but movie tickets and discounted hotels .

Worst - time wasting app

It is a time-waste to go this app every Tuesday, as t-mobile doesn't seem to be thanking instead making more of advertisement.

Not like it was

I looked forward to getting on this app every Tuesday morning. In the past I couldn’t wait to play the game and to see the stuff they had. Now the have one knock the bricks down game and no really good offers like they did in the past.

The worst

T-Mobile don’t give out any good deals for T-Mobile Tuesday. It’s always the same repetitive discounts and very disappointing! You would think for being such a BIG company owning so many carriers they would show their customers some more love by giving back, when the app first started it they would give back such awesome discounts for their customers. I guess it was just a promotion to get people to switch over. Talk about a major CATFISH!

It’s Like Christmas

Love Love Love T-Mobile Tuesday’s ! It’s such a great program ! No other carrier is this generous to their customers! Every Tuesday it feels like Christmas 😃 I love when I get notices to open the App. I have used the offers several times, they have come in handy . Truly hoping for my name to be pulled for one of the BIG giveaways! That would be EPIC ! Thank you for the program, I love it.


It’s a crap app TMobile could do better

Good service

I been with T Mobile over 4 years They have good plans and excellent offer.

Doesn’t work

I tried many times to make a T-Mobile id and it won’t let me it just goes to a white screen and it stays there. I got through once but then once I put the code it didn’t load. I can’t even use the app

Awesome!! 😊👌

I love the free stuff T-Mobile, you have proven time and time again to be the best of the best keep up the great work I’m here to stay! 😁🤙

Love the freebies

I looking forward every Tuesday for promotions I love it

Come on man

They almost never put out anything useful. It seems like the stuff on this app are either for the wealthy or younger people. Maybe if tmobile would release content that are for older lower middle class people I might give it more stars but I don’t see that happening.

chronic update

why do i have to update the app every week?

Great app

Love it

Use to be the best app until most recent update

The most recent update has made this app super trash a $5 coupon ticket to the movies and a water bottle? Wow bro


T-Mobile Tuesday does come in handy sometimes but the prizes aren’t the same anymore typically the same thing every week. Prizes could be better also.


I love T-Mobile Tuesday get great stuff


Would be better if some things didn’t expire super quick

Tuesday Failure

No longer a fan of T-mobile Tuesday. I used to look forward to Tuesdays, now it’s just another day of the week again. A lot of the things are useless discounts. Not feeling much appreciated.



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