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Worthless "prizes" in addition to the ridiculously short amount of time within which they must be used equals "no thanks".

I do not like the new format. Even though I was never going to win, playing the game was more fun. Also Baskin robbins at the end of October is not really useful.

Crappy prizes. TMobile is partnering with vendors to promote their products and forcing users to subscribe in the name of crappy useless prizes. Be sure you will only be hooked to their usual promoters stuff and never for the biggest. Donno if anyone ever won the biggest prize .

The app is really great but the prizes are really crappy you can see ahead of time what your going to get it's no different week to week yea you get to play a fun 1min game but for what? You never see who won the biggest prize or any prizes so it's kind of skeptical but get the app try it out for yourself see what happens!

On today I spinned the wheel for T-Mobile tuesday and it landed on the 5k vacation and then moved to the ebook so I decided to screen shot today and I'm started not to like it because I feel like it's a scam

The people who are complaining are just entitled. This app is amazing.

T-Mobile Tuesday is getting more and suckier. It was cool at first, but now all the gifts are straight dumb or useless. I am 25 years old, why would I want subscriptions to magazines no one likes or $5 towards Chuckee Cheese. I don't look forward to it anymore and actually dread opening the app up because I know it is a waste of my time for a sucky gift. Either start giving good gifts again or just knock it off already.

T-Mobile Tuesdays sucks, the gifts are getting either difficult, un redeemable, stupid subscriptions, nothing of value, not happy, before when they had one code to give away nobody was able to share that code for a free movie, you guys need to improved, this is becoming just a joke.

They use to be great but now I realize some of the bigger gifts they never award to you just the less valuable ones which I feel should be equal opportunity for all customers

It use to be great. But anymore there is nothing of value. At the beginning there were always free movie rentals or discounts of lyft. Now just seems to be digital subscriptions to unknown magazines and discounts on obsure products or services. Sad to say I rarely check it anymore...always a disappointment.

I haven't received anything that is free rather more like discounts to things I don't want or need. I personally wouldn't mind winning more coupons to fast food places.

T-mobile Tuesdays were great with at least a guaranteed movie to watch once a week but now I am finding nothing else to use that is free. Even yesterday you had a $12.00 credit to grommet.com but had to pay shipping to get it. Come on T-Mobile at least give everyone something we can ALL use, it's the hollidays.

T mobile Tues Rewards

I don’t miss the games at all - thanks for eliminating them! I love your rewards, especially the dining/foodie cards and discounts and the Redbox/Vudu movie deals

Love this app

Love the app please let me have more Redbox

T-Mobile Tuesdays Lover 😍

I love T-mobile service, and I LOVE to rock out with their SWAG !!!

Good idea

Wish it was more stuff I used

Not what it used to be

I used to love this app but now everything on here is just trash. It feels like opening a bag of chips and there’s all crumbs at the bottom

Its just ads

This has just become an marketing app. Where you have to download an app to get the points or go to a website and sign up with some company. Yeah they have freebies with other companies, but they are making back 20 times more in the long run.

T-Mobil Tuesday’s

Not worth your time!

not as good anymore

the offerings aren’t as good as they used to be. also the app doesn’t show you the deals for the week if you haven’t updated to the latest version. very annoying. get it because it’s free but don’t expect much from it :/

Gots to love Free Perks

It’s been fun to have extra perks for being a T-Mobile customer! I love getting the $4 movie tickets for Date night with my husband!

Chap pat

Love T Mobile and Tuesdays gifts

I agree with Nate

Nate said it all!

T-Mobile Tuesday

I love T-Mobile Tuesday I didn’t know that I could go to T-Mobile store On T-Mobile Tuesday and get free gifts Did you? I love free gifts and great customer service. Hey I got an idea Rock your Magenta and Black/White challenge next Tuesday 6/26/18 we can be on one accord.

T-Mobile cheap

The Tuesday promotion is a farce... but even worth looking up...


Legit app

Just ok...

Why must we update SO often?! Every now and then I luck up and snag a great deal. Otherwise it’s just ok...

Love T-MOBILE Tuesday’s

Such a cool app , I look forward to checking out what’s new every Tuesday ! Free stuff , what’s not to like ! Finally a company that’s doing a little giving back to their customers!


They have a super cool free things every week it’s amazing gota love them.

Good but...

I appreciate the freebies, I really do! I just wish t-mo would give us different freebies. For example Dunking Donuts coupons are given way too often. May be they should ask us their customers for suggestions.

15 years customer

I been and still am with T-Mobile for 15 years but lately their Deal have been heavy only trying to give deals to new customers but nothing to us loyal customers very disappointed on this I may have to star looking for a new carrier I guess !

No-frills free stuff

What can I say? Thank you, John! (And the developers in the back-end of the app, as well as those awesome sponsors)

Stores are never honest

Whenever there is a free bee like Umbrella, scarf etc, no matter whatever time you call any store they will say “They are run out of the stuff”. Don’t waste your time on T-mobile Tuesday.

It’s T-Mobile Tuesday

Let’s go!!!

Best Day Of The Week

T-MOBILE takes care of their customers! They love us as much as we love them! Their service around the world just keeps getting better! Just be patient if you don’t get perfect service today..you just might get it tomorrow! They are working hard to get coverage everywhere you are and every where your going❣️

Free stuff

It really cool app to have

Love it

I love T mobile Tuesdays. Its like opening presents on Christmas morning. Oh the anticipation!!!!

Thank you

I am so appreciative of the 25 cent gas. I am on a fixed income and it helps more than can be described. THAN YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Hugs to you all. 💕❤️


Always love seeing what cool things we may get. Sometimes the prizes are not as great but most times fun to check out. Wish some of the things allowed longer times to get from actual store front


It’s a great app to use , although they should have a variety of deals.


The prizes are super lame now..

Easy and quick

Very helpfully app.I love the Shell discounts.


I do enjoy this app. Who doesn't love free stuff

Overall good

Having positive experiences but sometimes difficult to navigate and glitchy

I like it But...

Most of its rewards I dont have the time to use it! It expire within a week! Some of it I even dont use because I dont travel so often to use hotels rewards!

Same free stuff not for me

Most Tuesday I seem to only get the same free stuff that doesn't apply to me. I wish it could give you options related to what you like so we could take advantage of the app. For example, choosing categories that applied to your taste, nearest locations, and interest, because many of those offered aren't near me. Also, not having to download apps to get free stuff would be great. And if we could save our Tuesday benefits for another day of the week, would be beneficial!

Need to swing back

The offers now aren't as great as before..can do better...overall great initiative

T-Mobile Monday!

You guys should make it T-Mobile Mondays! Mondays are when I need fuel from shell LOL 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

Worth it!!! Thank You!!!

Great savings, deals, and fun. Excellent customer perk! Thanks T-Mobile!

Free stuff just for being a T-mobile customer

I had T-Mobil before this app and was happy with the service. Since the app, nothing but free stuff that I actually use.

T Mobile Tuesday

An enjoyable way to start each Tuesday. I have received so many perks through the app. Thank you TMobile!

It’s rigged

The title says it all.

New update

This update is terrible!!! I can’t see my bill broken down, nothing loads, it takes forever for anything to come up, navigating the app is terrible. Bring back the old version. Nothing was wrong with it


Really this doesn’t seem like anything good. This just seems like a copyright of most apps.This is sad T-Mobile get some real idea I know you got big brains but make something that nobody has herd of.And you just offers people to switch to you.Its so weak just let them come actually do updates on the PHONES.I got ideas so use em


I miss when you guys did free subway subs, and pizzas...can we have those back lol

Best App Ever!

A lot of things they give are very good!

I love free Stuff But.....

Most of the Tmobile Tuesday stuff is stuff I don’t use. Every once in a while I get a gas credit or food credit. Try giving away stuff that really helps in this economy, like bill credits, gas cards, free upgrades on your phone plan,pedicures, $5 or $10 gift cards can at least buy lunch for most people. Free haircuts, manicures, massages.I pay a lot for my bill because I travel in and out of the country a lot. I want to feel like I am really valuable as a customer to Tmobile. I don’t want stuff I don’t use as a reward. Maybe take surveys in each account so everyone can chime in on what’s important to them. That is why you have only 3 stars from me. It’s ok but could be way better. Keep tweaking the program, Make your Tmobile Tuesdays stand out from all the other companies. I know you can do it Tmobile!!! I have faith in you. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽.

Get the TMobile Tuesday App Asap!

TMobile Tuesdays are totally AWESOME! I have been able to try things that I would not have, saved some serious money on things I wanted but could not afford. I can’t understand why every TMobile customer does not use this totally free app.

Thanks but....no thanks!

I rarely write reviews but, I couldn’t pass on this one. I’m completely convinced that all of the reviewers giving this app 5 stars, are employed by the company. This app is a horrible waste of space. Offering coupons for goods/services that nobody wants and, when what appears to be a halfway decent offer comes along, it requires you to either go out and register somewhere else or, download yet another stupid app!! I’ve seen offers for Shell Gas, maybe twice since installing the app but, haven’t been able to use them because of the unreasonably short redemption period! It’s a joke and, I’m uninstalling in 5...4...3...2....✌🏾

Just plain stupid

Beyond stupid. “Free” stuff is a joke. Constantly have to update the app just to find some lame offer. It was good for the first few months. Rather save a buck on my phone bill than this trash.

Ace money’s

Thank you guys for an awesome opportunity to win free stuff. I’ve been with you since Day one. I have been enjoying it since. Thanks T-mobile Tuesday keep it coming!

It’s great!!

There are a lot of cell phone companies out there. They all want to compete for your business. Problem is, nobody’s willing to go the extra mile to keep your business after the fact. It’s all about contracts and deals on phones. T mobile has proved that they care more about keeping you happy and having fun, then just the big bucks. T mobile is tops in my book.

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