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I do not like the new format. Even though I was never going to win, playing the game was more fun. Also Baskin robbins at the end of October is not really useful.

Crappy prizes. TMobile is partnering with vendors to promote their products and forcing users to subscribe in the name of crappy useless prizes. Be sure you will only be hooked to their usual promoters stuff and never for the biggest. Donno if anyone ever won the biggest prize .

The app is really great but the prizes are really crappy you can see ahead of time what your going to get it's no different week to week yea you get to play a fun 1min game but for what? You never see who won the biggest prize or any prizes so it's kind of skeptical but get the app try it out for yourself see what happens!

On today I spinned the wheel for T-Mobile tuesday and it landed on the 5k vacation and then moved to the ebook so I decided to screen shot today and I'm started not to like it because I feel like it's a scam

The people who are complaining are just entitled. This app is amazing.

T-Mobile Tuesday is getting more and suckier. It was cool at first, but now all the gifts are straight dumb or useless. I am 25 years old, why would I want subscriptions to magazines no one likes or $5 towards Chuckee Cheese. I don't look forward to it anymore and actually dread opening the app up because I know it is a waste of my time for a sucky gift. Either start giving good gifts again or just knock it off already.

T-Mobile Tuesdays sucks, the gifts are getting either difficult, un redeemable, stupid subscriptions, nothing of value, not happy, before when they had one code to give away nobody was able to share that code for a free movie, you guys need to improved, this is becoming just a joke.

They use to be great but now I realize some of the bigger gifts they never award to you just the less valuable ones which I feel should be equal opportunity for all customers

It use to be great. But anymore there is nothing of value. At the beginning there were always free movie rentals or discounts of lyft. Now just seems to be digital subscriptions to unknown magazines and discounts on obsure products or services. Sad to say I rarely check it anymore...always a disappointment.

I haven't received anything that is free rather more like discounts to things I don't want or need. I personally wouldn't mind winning more coupons to fast food places.

T-mobile Tuesdays were great with at least a guaranteed movie to watch once a week but now I am finding nothing else to use that is free. Even yesterday you had a $12.00 credit to grommet.com but had to pay shipping to get it. Come on T-Mobile at least give everyone something we can ALL use, it's the hollidays.

Should last more

Honestly the rewards should last more, not everyone can claim them right away.

You da best!

Great app love T-Mo!

Can’t win the game anymore

This used to be a great app with some good promotion stuff on it. Then they updated it, made it far more confusing and winning the game is impossible. Used to be fun, now it’s just frustrating. Sorry Tmo. I’m out.

Can’t redeem offer

T-mobile offered a free bowl coupon and a $3 of $5 off for Panda Express today. However when i went to Panda Express website to order, it kept telling me that the coupon doesn’t exist. What a waste of time!


You don't get prizes and win fake as f***

Change removed excitement from Tuesday’s

Their Tuesday offers are no longer exciting. They simply reveal all the offers. Before you had a chance to win and we’re always excited to see what it was. Now with no reveal and nothing that is a prize, feels lackluster. You’re better off deleting the app and saving space for something else.

Waste Of Time

I barely want the free stuff y’all offer so they are mostly unclaimed I either don’t shop those places or the discount is not worth it, the major prizes I never win I feel like it’s rigged and it’s pissing me off at this point!.🤷🏾‍♀️

Requires most recent version

There are way too many updates and every time it updates it requires you to update. The "hold the phone" screen is soo annoying. I don't like being forced to update. I'll just use the T-Mobile Tuesdays website. Also not related to the performance of the app, but the offers have really transitioned from free stuff(pizza, movie rentals, etc) to mostly just discount coupons. I'm not complaining, but slightly misleading.

Lame items to receive

Nobody wants a free cooking class or any of that. Go back to free movie or free pizza!

Doesn't work at all

Open the app, shows a video of the app as an intro, but loads forever, then closes by itself. Reopen the app is the same process and result(s). I've been going on the website version instead. FIX IT!

Needs option to turn sound off

Get decent deals sometimes but it’s really annoying how the app has its own music that plays even when my phone is set on silent.

Started off good but

Now it needs updating every week it seems like. Also, the Tuesday stuff are so stupid that I never use them any more. They used to have Lyft credit which was useable. Now, it’s random stuff that I don’t care about at all. I haven’t used anything from this in almost a year. I don’t know why I keep checking. Deleting.


It's really annoying to have to update this app every week.

Gone downhill

The rewards used to be good. Free lyft rides, free pizza and panda express. But now we are just given coupons that are only good for 24 hours. Been thinking of deleting the app if things don't get better. I get better coupons in the mail.

Not worth the time

You really get nothing valuable out of this. I hope they start including more relevant stuff...some Tuesdays, I don’t even bother opening it.

Won’t even work

App has been opening up to show a black home screen with a loading symbol perpetually before freezing my iPhone 7. It’s been this way the last four updates or so, therefore I’ve missed out on a lot of stuff.

Second Chance, New Problems

I deleted this app because the rewards were seemed more like advertisements than rewards as they were either such minor discounts that they wouldn’t incentivize purchase or I didn’t want the item in the first place. I redownloaded the app to see a new interface and seemingly better rewards, but now I attempted to play the brick breaking game, which crashed the app, left me without a reward and unable to play again. I also tried to go to basic outfitters to look at some sort of deal, but the website was overloaded and I am unable to redeem the offer before it expires. This is ridiculous. My phone is brand new so the crashing app is unacceptable, and the websites should be vetted to handle Tuesday traffic. Honestly this app is demeaning as a customer of t-mobile and I’d rather they didn’t have anything at all.

Lame deals

The "deals" are crap now compared to last year.. Time to uninstall

It is good

Unlike the other cell phone carriers this one gives out special promotions. The original was much better but the prizes have declined. I like the app still, just wish there where more prizes or promotions. Somethings its the same promotions again.

Not worth your time

I spent 2 hours trying to order a free bowl on location on a mobile web browser. Only to have the app shut down the deal.

App doesn’t work

Every time I try to use the app it is always loading and I never get to use it

Fix the audio stopping music, podcast audio!

11/08/2017 Back to one star! Latest brought back my biggest complaint about this app. Why does this app need to constantly stop music or podcast playback when checking the app on any other day but Tuesday? 10 STARS!!! Latest update fixed my biggest gripe with the app. The app no longer hijacks the audio on days other than Tuesday when checking out next Tuesdays loot. App would stop the music or podcast to play the opening video. Thanks T-Mobile. :-)


I am so mad I got a free bowl to panda and it expired less than 12 hours later after claiming it. I was really looking forward to panda for dinner and I couldn't. I want it back.😡

Better days

Same here. App still crashes won't load. Please fix. How can I access the "Thanks" given on Tuesday?

This week sucked

Finally got something for free and couldn’t even redeem it from Panda Express.... super disappointing, got excited for nothing....

Waste of time

The stuff is not worth everything. Every once in a while you might get a free pizza but the rest of the stuff is garbage.

Turns off music?

This app just kills background running audio for no reason? What apps developer found this to be necessary?

Mixed feelings

It’s hit and miss with the things given out which I understand it’s free or discounted but this Tuesday less than 24 hours before everything expired and I don’t really think that’s fair I would have really like to have Panda Express

I don’t redeem a lot of the freebies

It’s cool that T-Mobile customers are thanked with an app like this one, but I wish there was an instant feedback option on our end on what we liked and hope for as freebies (Or on individual preference based on what I redeem) For instance I love the free Vudu movie rental. I always redeem that one but I see it every once in a while and I’ve had this app for over a year. The rest of the freebies, I don’t redeem, expect for the one free Papa John’s pizza a few months ago, that was cool! Thanks.

E E Error

All the times I got excited about getting free slrupuies and Panda Express food was a lie! T-Mobile said, “ Oops, this code will not be available till tomorrow.” It didn’t come in time. My deal expired. Wow.

Waste of time

Participated apps mess up!!

Offers won’t work most of the time

Most of the offers won’t work, because the vendor websites will sleep on tuesdays offers

Won’t load

App won’t load. Been trying for 2 days

Loading forever

App just keeps loading forever.. it used to work but now it doesn’t I’m disappointed.

It doesn't work most of the time

In the last 2 weeks it keeps saying "our wires got crossed not able to connect to server"

Every week update

Why do you guys release build every week? Offers that are listed in the app are static or dynamic? If it is dynamic, then what is the point in weekly update?

Occasionally worth my time

This app needs updates way too often. Usually you are “gifted” something that you still have to spend your own money to use. Only on very rare occasions is it worth the time it takes. Also even if your phone is on silent this app is still going to make loud obnoxious noises.


How can I not open this app yet fix it

App not working

The app doesn't load and keeps showing a skinny wheel, then it crashes ever since the new version came out

Plays sounds while on vibrate

App is obnoxious. Doesn't respect your vibrate settings, even though the release notes say it does

How do you disable the sound?!

Seriously. How do you disable the sound when doing the contest game? My phone is on silent and yet it still is loud AF. I checked the settings and there is no where to do this. The older version of the app added an ability to turn off the sound. What gives?

Collecting a lot of unnecessary data. A lot of your information is being stolen.


Love freebies!

Great app overall. Never had any issues.

For real lovers-

Who doesn't love free stuff, good deals, discounts?? Sheesh! I mean some are irrelevant but who cares!


Unnecessarily hijacks iPhone audio.

Used to be great

T mobile Tuesday used to be something that I couldn't wait for. They used to give awesome things like free pizza and free unlimited data for Pokemon Go (when it came out), but now it's just magazine subscriptions to magazines that nobody cares about, and $2 off of whatever store is nowhere near you.

Just to cluttered

The app is overall a cool idea...I was able to score some good gifts including a 30 cent discount on gas. The problem is it clunky to navigate. Could be cleaned up and more engaging.

Preferred the old app

Nothing better than free stuff! Content of the app is great, can’t complain at all there. My issue is with the new app - I used to be able to open the app and play a game for the big prizes every week, but now it seems I have to do stuff on Twitter to enter? I don’t have or want a twitter account, so please change it back to the old way of doing it!

Doesn’t work

I loved the app before the fancy update that stopped it from working.


It doesn’t even work anymore ; it used to load but not anymore. I deleted and redownload but nothing works.

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